Recyclable Materials

If it can’t be re-used, the next best option is to recycle. Here is a summary of what materials can and can’t be recycled at the Waitaki Resource Recovery Park:

What can you recycle?

So what has happened?

The Waitaki Resource Recovery Park (WRRP) has been proudly supporting Oamaru in responsible waste management since 2003. Unfortunately, external factors have now forced us to make some changes to what materials our facility can and can’t accept until further notice.

Recycling the WRRP accepts:


Types 1 & 2

(Domestic General – excludes industrial or farm plastics)

Clear PET plastic bottles. We can only accept bottles such as soda, juice, and water bottles. Clear clean meat trays.

Harder, less flexible plastic. We accept all type 2 plastic including all milk and cream bottles, shampoo and detergent bottles.

1 litre yogurt containers, Chinese style takeaway containers, some honey/jam/spray/medicine containers. Please check first. NO Straws


Magazines & Cardboard

Brown paper and cardboard should be separated and flattened where possible. Magazines (in good condition) can be taken for the shop . 

We are currently NOT accepting most paper! Brown paper is classed as cardboard and can be recycled.


Yoghurt and margarine containers, straws, medicine bottles.


We accept clean glass bottles and jars only. Please do not include drinking glasses, crystal, light bulbs, ceramics, or window glass.

Please wash and remove lids.

Separate colours: brown, green, and clear.


Steel & Aluminium

WRRP recycles steel and aluminium items such as cans, lids, foil, and plates.

Please wash or rinse.


Other Material

We also accept cooking oils, used motor oil, batteries, cell phones and chargers, printer cartridges, fluorescent tubes, and low energy light bulbs. Please note that standard light bulbs are treated as rubbish.

Items the WRRP does not accept as recycling:


Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept certain plastics. This includes most trays and punnets as well as coloured PET bottles (even if marked with a number 1). These, along with plastics marked with number 3, 4, 6, and 7 will be treated as rubbish until further notice.

This includes clear food wraps and packaging, cling film, bread bags, plastic cutlery, polystyrene, and milk cartons. Please ensure that you separate these items from your recyclable plastic items.

Chemical dispensers, packaging, plumbing pipes, and carpet backing.

Cling film such as Glad Wrap, squeezable bottles, bread and frozen food bags.

Meat trays, plastic cutlery, polystyrene, toys.

Sports bottles, baby bottles, lids, oven bags.


Newspapers, flyers or general paper waste are not currently being accepted.

Dirty recyclables

It is very important that recyclables are clean to be processed. Even pizza boxes with a little bit of oil or grease cannot be recycled.


Window glass, light bulbs, drinking glasses/crystal, and ceramics can not be recycled and will be treated as rubbish.

Thank you for continuing to do your bit for our town and planet.