REthink your REcycling

Changes to our recycling services at the Waitaki Resource Recovery Park in Oamaru.

So what has happened?

The Waitaki Resource Recovery Park (WRRP) has been proudly supporting Oamaru in responsible waste management since 2003. Unfortunately, external factors have now forced us to make some changes to what materials our facility can and can’t accept until further notice.

Recycling the WRRP accepts:


Types 1 & 2

(Domestic General – excludes industrial or farm plastics)

See through PET plastic bottles. We can only accept bottles such as soda, juice, and water bottles.

Harder, less flexible plastic. We accept all type 2 plastic including all milk and cream bottles, shampoo and detergent bottles.


Paper & Cardboard

All paper including magazine, newspaper, flyers. Brown Paper and cardboard should be separated and flattened where possible.



Unbroken, clean glass bottles and jars.


Steel & Aluminium

All clean steel and aluminium cans, lids, foil, pie trays and aluminum trays.


Other Material

We also accept cooking oils, used motor oil, batteries, cell phones and chargers, printer cartridges, fluorescent tubes, and low energy light bulbs.

Items the WRRP does not accept as recycling:


Types 3 to 7

Chemical dispensers, packaging, plumbing pipes, carpet backing.

Cling film such as Glad Wrap, squeezable bottles, bread and frozen food bags.

Yoghurt and margarine containers, straws, medicine bottles.

Meat trays, plastic cutlery, polystyrene, toys.

Sports bottles, baby bottles, lids, oven bags.


Window glass, Light bulbs, Drinking glasses/crystal, Ceramics can not be recycled and will be treated as rubbish

Thank you for continuing to do your bit for our town and planet.

Opening Hours

Drop-off facility

Monday to Friday: 9am – 4.30 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 4pm
Closed Public Holidays.

Get Sorted Shop

Tuesday & Thursday: 9am – 4.30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 4 pm
Closed Mondays, Wednesdays,
Fridays, and Public Holidays.

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