Our facility

The Waitaki Resource Recovery Park was recently upgraded to make the facility safe and convenient for all.

In June 2019 the newly upgraded Waitaki Resource Recovery Park was reopened to the public.

During our upgrade, we addressed various potential risks in the Park by improving our access points and parking, reducing our noise levels, and repairing buildings and resurfacing of roads.

Thanks to the upgrade we are now able to use the facilities we have available optimally. This helps us in protecting our re-useable items. We also managed to relocate all our for-sale items to our Plaza, making it it is now easier to see what pre-loved items we have on offer.

We are very proud of our new facility and look forward to seeing you here soon!

COVID-19 Orange

Orange Level guidelines

  1. Face masks are required to be worn onsite
  2. Contact tracing must be done for anyone coming onto our site, information required Name, and Phone number 
  3. Social distancing is in effect, please keep at least 1 metre away from anyone
  4. If you are sick stay away
  5. Complete your green waste, recycling and rubbish as quickly and safely as possible to allow other customers to come in

Be kind and respect staff and each other, we are all in this together.
Please be patient there may be long waiting times.