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  • When it’s mixed it’s rubbish

    The disparity in the philosophies of the waste industry and the resource recovery industry is considerable. The waste industry is about waste. The resource recovery industry is about minimising waste and recovering resources that have been used so they can be used again. Recently, a new industry has developed. This is ‘landfill mining’. The United […]

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  • Composting

    I was very pleased to see in the Waitaki District Council latest waste survey, that 65% of the population home composted and 10% used worm farms or Bokashi for processing their food waste. North Otago has a long history with compost and organic food production. Around 1958, Harry Leaman produced high quality compost from Oamaru’s […]

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  • Junk Mail

    Less stuff – More joy! Recently when Mayor Alex Familton was presenting Maxine Woodhouse with her certificate in Resource Recovery, he commented that our level of happiness can be directly attributed to the number of positive personal relationships we have with others. In these times of resource depletion, it is wise to consider what we […]

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We are at the end of Chelmer Street on the edge of town.

42 Chelmer Street, Oamaru, New Zealand.

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