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Buy Local

When we buy from locals, we strengthen relationships which help build resilience in our Community.

Over the years there have been several ‘Buy Local’ campaigns. In fragile economic and environmental times, the benefits of ‘buying local’ become more apparent. When money is spent locally and passes through many local hands, more people benefit from that same money. It’s not about how much money we’ve got as a Community, but how much we can keep it circulating locally, accruing benefit, before we let it leak out. It makes sense to, ‘make the buck slow here’!

I wear McKinlays boots, on principle. McKinlays are one of New Zealand’s few remaining shoe manufacturers. I wear these boots to support this local industry and because they are made to last; and do not end up in the landfill in a minimal time. Boot making could be a skill we highly value in the future. My boots have been repaired several times over the years by our local cobbler. So, instead of consuming more resources in the manufacturing and transport of another pair of boots, I support the local economy and help to retain skills locally. If we don’t use it we’ll lose it. It’s about walking the talk!

As we empathise with those from the Christchurch region, the best way to support them in getting back on their feet is to buy their products.

We hear about food security and safety issues. When food comes from far away, we have little way of knowing it is safe: safe from contamination, safe from causing environmental and/or social degradation. And it’s not only our food that we should be concerned about.

Typically, less packaging is used for local products, lessening the cost for dumping or recycling and reducing the energy consumed in their manufacture.

Buying product which has been made or grown locally, minimises the consumption of carbon fuels for their delivery, eg one cup of orange juice can embody the equivalent of two cups of oil.

Never think we are too small to make a difference! Every purchase is an ethical and moral decision and has impacts locally or globally, positive or negative.

The Oamaru Farmers Market flourishes and gives a wonderful opportunity to support local producers and reap the benefits.

What stays local, grows local!


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