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  • Complimentary Currencies

    Currencies that circulate locally within a community have been created many times in the past, especially at times of economic hardship. Last year, the Greek government passed a law that supported finding creative ways to cope with the economic crisis. For the first time, alternative forms of entrepreneurship and local development were actively encouraged. As […]

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  • Radical Gardening

    To keep up with population growth, more food will have to be produced worldwide over the next 50 years than had been during the past 10,000 years combined. To make this all the more challenging is that we are going to have to grow all this food with fewer resources: Less oil; in our highly […]

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  • Think before you buy!

    At this time of year the rate of consumption rises dramatically. Christmas is a good time to make a statement about the type of person we want to be, whether that’s charitable or just superficially stylish. According to the Worldwatch Institute, we have used more goods and services since 1950 than in all the rest […]

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  • The Gift Economy

    To continue to grow the economy, we must continually find ways to convert nature into goods and relationships into services. We must always be selling more stuff, making more money, creating new product, pumping more oil, converting forests into burger meat and increasing the fish catch every year. Most of the available resources have already […]

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  • Buy Nothing Day

    Buy Nothing Day is an international day of protest against consumerism observed by social activists and many concerned citizens. Buy Nothing Day is held on the last Saturday in November internationally, this year falling on November 24th. It’s not just about changing our habits for one day but about starting a lasting lifestyle commitment to […]

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  • Social Enterprise

    While the Waitaki Resource Recovery Trust (WRRT) is primarily known for its ability to create significant diversion of material from landfill through recycling, recovery and resale, it is also a leading ‘Social Enterprise’ in the District. A social enterprise is an organisation that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather […]

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  • The Eyes of the Beholder

    Resource is in the eyes of the beholder! Resource depletion and economic challenges are going to change what we value as resource. In my view, one of these resources is the undervalued plant, Ulex Europaeus, sometimes known as Furze, which thrives in poor growing areas and conditions including drought. It has widely been used for […]

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  • Buy Local

    When we buy from locals, we strengthen relationships which help build resilience in our Community. Over the years there have been several ‘Buy Local’ campaigns. In fragile economic and environmental times, the benefits of ‘buying local’ become more apparent. When money is spent locally and passes through many local hands, more people benefit from that […]

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  • Sustainability

    The Australian electronics retail legend Dick Smith has recently been touring NZ on a crusade to change the way big businesses operate and makes the following statements: “When people advocate economic growth they were really advocating ”perpetual” growth, which in many contexts was unsustainable.” ”Nothing in nature grows perpetually.” “Anyone with any common sense knows […]

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  • Ethical Investments

    Would you knowingly invest in a company that uses child labour, is owned by organised crime, has terrorist associations or other unethical activities? For most people the answer to these provocative questions would be a resounding “No”. Yet, how can investors be assured about the type of investment they are making? How do we, so […]

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